Aluminium Foam

Aluminum foam is formed by adding a filler to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and then foaming. It also has the characteristics of metal and bubbles. It has low density, high absorption and shock resistance, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding, strong weather resistance, filtration capacity, easy processing, easy installation and high forming precision. Surface coating is available.

Aluminum foam has a good shielding effect on high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which can reduce electromagnetic interference by more than 80%.
The density is 0.2-0.4g/cm3, which is about 1/10 of the density of aluminum, 1/20 of the density of titanium, 1/30 of the density of steel, and 1/3 of the density of wood.
Ultra light heat: It has high heat resistance. Generally, the aluminum alloy has a dissolution temperature of about 500-700 degrees, and the aluminum foam does not dissolve even when heated to 1400 degrees.
Sound insulation: Aluminum foam can absorb the energy of sound through the vibration of the pore wall, which is used to eliminate gas and remove noise. The noise reduction coefficient is close to 0.9%.

1. The sound insulation performance, sound absorption performance and energy absorption performance of aluminum foam are used in the environmental protection field of urban construction, such as: soundproof screen; the automobile manufacturing industry uses energy absorbing elements and sound absorbing elements, such as bumpers and silencers.
2. The low density, high rigidity and low thermal conductivity of aluminum foam are widely used in energy-saving buildings, such as heat-insulating walls and fire-proof and heat-insulating doors, and energy-saving mobile houses.
3.Aluminium foam can be used in the military industry, sound-absorbing and anti-magnetic parts, such as: tanks, submarine shell sandwich panels.
Aluminium Foam Aluminium Foam

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