Chain Driven Conveyor Belts

Chain Driven Conveyor Belts陕西快乐十分走势图 are a device widely used in various food production and transportation production lines, and has a remarkable performance in the field of use. This kind of equipment not only can help a lot of work content manually, but also can effectively improve efficiency and minimize the error rate.

Material: low carbon steel, inox 304, 316;

Chain driven conveyor belt is very powerful in the use of various equipments. In addition to the small size and high power, it can save a lot of manpower in each loading and unloading process. In the process of use, the item can be accurately delivered to the designated position, the deviation rate is low, the stability is particularly good, and the appearance of the food is not damaged during transportation. It is very durable in all kinds of food processing, conveying and packaging equipment, and the replacement rate is particularly low.

Chain Driven Conveyor Belts are widely used in the annealing furnace mesh belt and baking furnace mesh belt of the glass products industry. Food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, frozen foods, single-freezer pre-treatment mesh belt, chain net. Powder metallurgy, metal heat treatment, quenching, sintering, brazing, roasting, brightening, blackening, bearing, carburizing high temperature furnace mesh belt, baffle mesh belt, coating and drying line conveyor belt, foam nickel reduction production line mesh belt , washing machine, hoist, dryer, dryer, curing oven mesh belt.

Chain Driven Conveyor Belts Chain Driven Conveyor Belt

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