Flat Flex Conveyor Belts

Flat flex conveyor belts are used for quick-frozen foods, fried foods, sugar spreaders, chocolate coatings and various food delivery cooling lines.

Material: low carbon steel, inox 304, 316;

1. Use gear rotation to ensure correct and stable operation.
2. Flat Flex Conveyor Belts with a small diameter of rotation.
3. Washing is easy and hygienic.
陕西快乐十分走势图 4. The opening rate is good, the ventilation is good, and the drainage is good.

Flat Flex Wire Belts are widely used in electronics industry line drying and solid-melting, picture tube burning, glassware annealing, crystallization, environmental protection automotive exhaust gas purifier, ceramic baking flower, heat treatment industry, tempering furnace, powder metallurgy copper, iron base Sintering, sintering of composite materials, sintering of magnetic materials, battery plates (foam nickel reduction), complex copper reduction, etc.

Flat Flex Conveyor Belts Flat Flex Wire Belts

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