Flat Wire Conveyor Belts

Flat Wire Conveyor Belts are made of fulcrum and metal sheet. Both ends of the stern shaft are welded. Some shank of the flat wire belt can also be used for sewing. Edge baffles and lateral baffles are available. The mesh belt width is determined by the mesh belt size and the number of odd holes. Flat wire belt requires very little maintenance work and, if used properly, has a long life.

Material:陕西快乐十分走势图 Made of carbon steel, galvanized steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Flat wire conveyor belt is a kind of machinery that transports materials in a continuous manner by friction drive. Flat wire conveyor belt can be used to form materials on a certain conveyor line from the initial supply point to the final discharge point. Delivery process. Flat wire conveyor belt can carry out the transportation of broken materials as well as the transportation of individual items. In addition to pure material handling, it can also be combined with the requirements of the process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic flow line.

Flat Wire Conveyor Belts are used for cooling equipment, bread production equipment, cleaning equipment, sorting equipment, and product processing equipment. It is widely used in automatic line transportation in light industrial machinery, sterilization machine, silk printing and dyeing, food, power generation, pharmaceutical, garment processing and other industries.

Flat Wire Conveyor Belts Flat Wire Belts

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